Fred & Barrel was founded in 2005 on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park when one ardent illustrator decided to appreciate talent by publishing poetry and art worldwide. 

Originally the publishing company was to be called “24 Publishers”, or “24” for short, as 24 symbolized the hours in the day (and is also the painter’s favorite number). However, upon seeing a similar name, the artist had to come up with something else.

Within a second, “Fred & Barrel” came to the excited illustrator’s mind.

Fred & Barrel's roots are also grounded in the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where the illustrator-turned-publisher, then a student, was studying. Freelance contributors came together at the university where the pictures, stories, and visions came to life.


The mission of F&B is “to promote artistic literature to inspire deep reflection or a hearty laugh”. While F&B does not specialize in publishing books of a single genre, each of the works published share one attribute: vivid visual expression, whether through words or illustrations.

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